Investigation Night #1

Here is something that three weeks ago I thought I would never write:

A couple nights ago I spent the evening in the dark looking and listening for ghosts at an alleged haunted house.

I don’t know whether to be impressed with myself for trying something so outside of my norm, or freaked out that I may have such a lack of judgement.

Here is what happened:

I met Dillion and Jordan at the Haven House at 8:00 to begin our investigation. Since my only other experience with ghost hunting has come from TV shows as was expecting them to have brought a lot of equipment, but I was wrong. They came with only a couple cheap cameras, a laptop, and an IPad that was loaded with paranormal investigation applications – EVP Recorder, EMF meters, and a couple of other things that I still don’t understand how they actually work.

By the way the EVP Recorder stands for “Electronic Voice Recorder” it allows the user to record very faint voices or sounds that the human ear has a hard time hearing. The thought behind this is that a ghost or spirit may try and communicate with people and say something into the mic of this device. An EMF meter measures the Electro Magnetic Field in the environment because some people have a theory that Paranormal activity can cause a spike in the EMF. Dillion told me that usually right before a unexplainable event happens you will notice that the EMF meter will go crazy for a bit.

One piece of equipment that they didn’t have was a temperture gauge to monitor any fluctuations in the ambient temps. I thought that was a pretty common tool for any ghost hunter and asked why they went without one. Dillion said it was because he doesn’t think they are useful, where Jordan said that the real reason they didn’t have one was because they misplaced it at their last investigation.

The Haven House is a ranch style house with approximately 4100 square feet, five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a full basement. As my pictures demonstrated in my past entry the house is pretty torn up as renovations are taking place…albeit slowly.

To be honest the evening spent in The Haven house was pretty boring. We spent an hour or so walking through each room trying to “pick up on the energy” of the location. Which for me meant that we spent an hour in the dark getting ourselves freaked out. During that time Jordan and Dillion filled me in the accounts they had heard from the workers who had experienced ghost-like activity.

Here are some of the highlights of the reports:

More than one of the people working in the house have reported a strange growling/moaning sound down by one of the smaller bedrooms on the first floor. The reports go on to say that the sound is often accompanied by a strong musty smell that fills the room. In their previous trips to the house this is not a phenominum that Dillion or Jordan have experienced.

There are multiple stories of people of feelings as if someone is breathing on the back of their neck. This is an occurrence that happens throughout the house. – and one collaborated by Dillion and Jordan.

There are reports of doors slamming on their own through the first floor and tools disappearing. Jordan and Dillion claim that they lost their Temp Gauge here last time when they laid it on top of the stairs and they think they heard a door slam upstairs when they were investigating the basement. Although it should be noted that they did not get any audio evidence of that door slam even though they had a recorder rolling a few yards away from the door that allegedly slammed shut.

The most compelling report came from one of the workers the contractor had to let go. The worker claimed he was working on a ladder while stripping down an electrical fixture when “something” shoved the ladder out from under his feet. He said the force of the ladder getting pushed was extreme and it caused the whole thing to fall – the worker came say with a sprained wrist and a desire to never set for back into the house.

During Dillion and Jordan’s first investigation a couple weeks ago they both said to have felt like they heard whispering (again -not captured on their EVP recorder) and felt like they were being watched the whole time. Aside from their report of the door slam and their missing tempeture gauge they had no tangible evidence from their first trip to The Haven House.

I will be honest, after our slow walk-through of the house where Dillion and Jordan shared with me the claims, I too, was even a little creeped out. I had visited the house in the daytime that morning and it had a completely different feel at night. It was dark and ever step seemed to cause the house to creak and moan. I have a feeling that this obviously uncomfortable vibe that the house gives off at night is probably the reason that my companions were quick to attribute every little thing that happened to them last time as paranormal.

After the walk-through we spent a couple of hours doing EVP sessions in different rooms in the upstairs. Dillion and Jordan would ask questions to any potential ghosts and my role was to remain absolutely silent and if we heard anything to snap a couple pictures around the room to see if I could catch something on film. Holy crap, this was painful experience for me! I don’t think I would have the patience to be a full time ghost hunter. The amount of time spent sitting I the dark without anyone speaking or moving was kind of unnerving for me. I can see how after a great deal of time sitting like this a persons mind could star playing tricks on them and start attribute normal sounds to something out of the ordinary.

In each EVP session they would poise opened ended questions that went like this:

Dillion: If there are any spirits here with us now can you please make a noise?

Jordan: Can you make a tap on the wall?

Dillion: People have heard you whisper or growl, can you do that for us now?

Jordan: Why are you still here?

And it goes on and on.

They had the same list of questions for each room and in each room nothing happened. There was no growling, no whispering, no doors slamming, nothing. It was so freaking quiet that the only sound I heard was Jordan’s overly worked digestive system breaking down her dinner. 🙂

At one point in one of the guest bedrooms Dillion was sure he heard a footstep and he ask that I take a couple pictures to see if there was anything that would show up. Here is one of those pictures:


We spent about five hours wandering around the upstairs of The Haven House looking for more evidence and in my book we didn’t find anything. To be fair, Jordan and Dillion have a to of audio recordings to sort though to see if anything was picked up. They are going to spend the weekend doing that and if anything shows up we will post it here.

Oh, and some good news on the way out we found their temperature reader sitting in the corner of the front hallway. Dillion was trying to convince me that this was poltergeist activity, where I see this as simply as someone found it on the ground and placed it in the corner so nobody would step on it. I don’t think ghosts are that considerate. 🙂

Next week we have two evening investigations. On Tuesday we will be going to a warehouse for a local grocery where the owner is making claims that ones are getting overturned and screams an be heard. Then next Thursday we will be back at The Haven House to investigate the basement and spend more time listening for growls and looking for more shit that Dillion has lost. Ha!


5 Responses to “Investigation Night #1”

  1. You don’t have to be an ass in this write ups! You didn’t mention the sawhorse that fell over, the “hello” we heard, or how I know for a fact that my gauge wasn’t there when we got there. A lot more happened than what you wrote!

    • First of all I didn’t hear that “hello” or anything else for that matter. Secondly, the sawhorse was a only piece of junk, so I don’t think that thing tipping over constitutes as evidence. And I CERTAINLY don’t think losing your equipment and then finding it is a paranormal event either.

      If you hear anything on the EVPs call me – otherwise chill the hell out. If you want me to lie in these recaps I would rather you jut write them yourself.

  2. I’m not asking you to lie dipshit. I’m asking you to remin objective. I agree that there was not a great deal of evidence gathered, but there were a couple things that happened that can’t be easily explained away.

    I did find to EVP’s you need to hear and possibly publish here?

    Seriously think about how my temperature rader just happened to come back and how that thing tipped over. Fine it was a little wobbly but it couldn’t have just flipped itself over. That would be impossible.

    And there was a very clear hello said and all heard three of us heard footsteps….right??

    • How about we agree to disagree here? We both had two different experiences. I expect to actually see concrete evidence- you go by feelings.

      Send me those EVP’s.

  3. Ghost Hunter Fight Club! Lol

    You guys are both being stubborn boobs.

    Mr. Writer, I was there too and I KNOW you were getting a little scared too. I heard the footsteps and the hello and I also know that you said you kept feling like something was messing with your ear.

    Dillion, The sawhorse thing scared the shit out of me! But it was very unstable and I don’t think you can call that a ghost event. Quit being so defensive.

    I can’t wait to go back to The Haven House and examine the basement!

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