The Haven House Walk Through

This morning I was able to take a quick walk-through of the house we will be investigating tonight. I wanted to see it in the daylight, so Dillion set it up so the contractor who has been working on he house let me in before they started their daily work on it.

I will post the pictures of the location below, but I thought I would give you a few details to why we are doing a paranormal investigation in this particular house. Here is the timeline of events that I have been given:

August 2010 – The Haven House was purchased by a newlywed couple that (understandingly so) wishes to have their names withheld. They bought it from a bank that had obtained it when the previous occupant (Mrs. Haven?) of the house died and the property was left to them in a trust so that they would sell it. The husband (who is the nephew of the contractor who is remodeling the house now) purchased the home knowing it was going to need a lot of work before they could live in it. The home was built in 1951 and had only had three different families live in it during those 60+ years – a fact that seems fairly unbelieveable to me. I will be doing so checking on the history of the house and its occupants in the next couple days. I will provide more info on that in the next few posts I hope.

2010-2012 -The house remained unoccupied and untouched for over a year and a half. The couple that purchased it had run into some financial trouble that kept them from obtaining the money needed to start the $200,000 K project that they had planned on when they purchased it. The husband worked on it by himself when he could but suffered a significant injury to his hands while pulling tile in mid 2011 and could not do any of the work on his own. It should be noted that apparently the gentleman worked in this house on his own for hours at a time and never reported anything strange happening.

July 2012 – The couple was able to get their loan and the remodeling of the home began. They started tearing down walls, working on plumbing, and taking up the floors and carpet. According the the led contractor I spoke to this morning it seems that once they started working in July some “abnormal” events began to take place. He was not very interested in talking to me in specifics but he mentioned that it had to do with a doors slamming, unexplainable voices shouting, and a couple of weird accidents that a couple members of his crew had happen to them. He wanted to be clear in telling me that he had not actually experienced any of this himself, that these were exports coming in from the people who work for him. The lead contractor wanted me to understand that he does no believe in this “kind of shit” and thinks that this is some sort of “group-think paranoia” that is going on.

He admitted that he was having a hard time finding workers who would commit to spends a great deal of time at The Haven house and was so frustrated that he actually had to severe working relationships with a few of his people. The remodel was only going to take four months, but since things were going so slow it looked like they would be looking at 7-9 months now. I asked if any of the people who work for him who had experienced any of the strange events would be willing to speak with me. H said he would ask, but not to get my hopes up high.

July-September 2011 – It appears that not much work has been done during this time. According to Dillion that this is causing a serious strain on the couple that wants to move in. They put their other home up for sale and are unsure where they will stay if their new home isn’t finished soon. They are pissed off because the reason the remodel is so delayed is because their contractor is having a hard time keeping people working due to them being so spooked. It is a very awkward situation because the contractor is the uncle of the husband and he is kind of stuck with him doing the work. On a side note, if I were them I would fire my Uncle and hire someone who does not employ nut jobs. 🙂

Full disclosure: This couple are good friends of Dillion, Jordan, and myself.

About two weeks ago they contacted Dillion and asked if he would be willing to come and check out The Haven House to see if there is anything to the reports that they have been getting from the contractors crew. Dillion and Jordan started spending time in the house and have so far not really experienced anything other than “creepy vibes” from it. Which, I believe is code for “Jack-Shit”.
We will be going back tonight to conduct a three-hour investigation which will include audio recordings and picture taking as well as some other mumbo jumbo.

Here are the pictures I took this morning and by the way at no point did I experience anything or catch any “creepy vibes”. Maybe I didn’t smoke enough weed before going? LOL.






4 Responses to “The Haven House Walk Through”

  1. J - You Know Who Says:

    Looks a lot different at night! I can’t wait to see your face when you hear some of the whispering Dillion and I did last week. Even you will walk away freak out! Lol. ~ Jor

  2. Are you gong to tell us what happened? Been trying Dillion all day and he won’t call me back! Did you get anything?

    • Hey Mike – will update tomorrow for all three of you who read this! The investigation was certainly long – didn’t get home til after 3 am. Mike had to work this morning, so that’s why he probably hasn’t called you back.

      Will write more bout it tomorrow – but Jordan and Dylan had a completely different take away from the evening than I did. But you could have guessed that!

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