Come Down The Rabbit Hole With Me!

Welcome to Moving Shadows! This blog is going to document the next five weeks that I am going to be following around my old roommate Dillion Luntz, who has recently taken up Ghost Hunting as a hobby. I will be joining him mid-investigation of one of his “cases” and then hopefully on to a couple more before I have to move at the beginning of November. I will be updating this blog with our experiences from the investigations, as well as my own perspectives of what I think is going on,

Full disclosure, I am pretty much only doing this as a favor for Dillion as this kind of thing is not really my scene. I am not much of a believer in the paranormal, aliens, or tin-foil hat conspiracies. My family and I aren’t really the religious sort, so the idea of unseen forces/energies floating around us is a pretty far-fetched idea for me. However, since I owe Mr. Luntz around $400,000 in beer money from our sophomore/ junior year at UW I am seemingly indebted to him. :). I plan on “tagging along” with him and his fellow hunter (and newly labeled girlfriend) Jordan as they play X-Files.

Dillion and Jordan are convinced that I will be a credible witness to the things they are claiming to have already experienced.

If in the event evidence presents itself I will add some pictures, audio, and video to try and add some context to what I report. I am not promising anything here people – and I sure as hell won’t be taking pictures of floating “light orbs” and using that as an example of the spirit of a dead coal miner or something. I have a feeling that the majority of my posts will document how my friend is slowly losing touch with reality and should probably consider going back to college to finish his degree, right Dillion? 🙂

I have named this blog “Moving Shadows” as an indication that I believe that anything that I will experience or see will probably come down to what my perspective is going into this. A moving shadow for Dillion means that a ghost is creeping around, where for me, it probably just indicate that the sun or other light source has naturally shifted. My goal is to report whatever I experience. I will not try to be the asshole skeptic who goes around mocking those who truly believe that places can be haunted. I will just attempt to provide an honest reporting of different ghost hunts. My personal reservations about the existence of the paranormal will definitely be suppressed as much as I can.

My real identity is gong to be withheld because I don’t want my parents or the group that I am doing my writing fellowship with in a few weeks to think that I have lost my mind. At any point this becomes a headache for me I am going to shut this down and disavow any knowledge that this blog ever existed!

Anyways, welcome to this experiment in weirdness. Lets start examining those moving shadows!

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2 Responses to “Come Down The Rabbit Hole With Me!”

  1. Guest Joshua Says:

    I live in Cheyenne! How do I join you guys on your ghost hunts? I am an experienced researcher!

    • He Joshua. Send me your email addy and I will get it to Dillion and Jordan. They may be looking for people to help them in he future. Although, I am not quite sure how open they are to including other people…but I can check. I am only going to be doing this another few weeks.

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